Bike Path Crosswalks


Suzanne asked: In the city of Palm Coast, FL – Flagler Cty. the city has provided bike paths/walk paths along many city streets.  These paths are approx.7-9 feet in width. The road speeds vary from 45 to 55 mph. If a residential street (25-35mph) is pulling out crossing a “marked diagonal lined crossway” is #1-should a stop sign be placed before the crossway? #2-should a walker have to stop even if there is a stop sign before the crossway? #3-should a bicycle rider stop before crossing in the crossway? #4 or should the bicyclist walk the bike?  I had that situation where the stop sign was before the crossway and after looking in all directions noticed a car approaching and had yet not stopped, so I rode the bike across and was treated with a horn slamming at me, with the driver not stopping at the stop sign and taking the time to look both ways before entering the city road.  Please explain the law.


Please click on “crosswalks” and “sidewalks” in the tag cloud. I believe all your questions are answered in the posts in those sections.

Short answer: Whether a stop sign should be installed depends on the particular situation. Check with your local roadway department.

Pedestrians and bicyclists are not required to stop before entering a crosswalk unless traffic control devices are in place and require same.

Drivers must yield to pedestrians and cyclists in marked crosswalks whether there is a stop sign or not. Cyclists are not required to dismount to cross the roadway unless there is a local ordinance that requires it. I know of only one such ordinance in the state.

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