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Keuchenberg asked:  I’ve called the Department of Motor vehicles here in Florida and they said that a gas bicycle is considered a “Motorized Bicycle” and does not require a license or registration. I have a Class E license, so does this mean I can operate my gas bicycle on public roads without the need for registration?


The person you spoke with is misinformed.  Bicycles equipped with gas assist motors are not legal vehicles on Florida highways, with or without a driver’s license and cannot be registered as a vehicle.  See the letter from the DMV in this post:

I suggest that you forward this to the person you spoke with.

See the other posts about motorized bicycles and gas assist motors on bicycles on this site for more information.

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  1. Or if they say such a thing, have them fill out such a document stating what they told you and have them put it on official letterhead, signed by the supervisor of the office..
    Bet you they don’t.

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