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Ob asked:  I read that an officer can’t write a citation for “no hands on handlebar” is this truth?


There is no Florida statute that requires one to keep hands on the bicycle handlebar.  There could be a local ordinance requiring that.  If you were cited for same, the violation should be on the citation.

You should contact the traffic court or an attorney about court dates and problems with a citation.

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  1. Last year, it was 316.2065 (7) that disallowed no hands…
    As of this year’s statutes, that was repealled…
    IF the citation shows (7) on it, it is no longer a valid statute… As shown in 2012..
    IF the ticket was received last year, it WAS valid.

    • There’s still a subsection 316.2065(7) in 2012 Statutes, but it’s the one that was numbered 316.2065(8) in the 2011 Statutes; it’s the requirement for a cyclist to use front and rear light (as well as a rear reflector) between sunset and sunrise.

      Repeal of the former hand-on-handlebars requirement made cyclist operating requirements more consistent with the Uniform Traffic Control Law’s regulations for operation of motor vehicles, which mention no requirement for a driver to keep at least one hand on the steering wheel.

  2. Just to re-iterate…
    In the 2011 statutes, it was under..
    Title XXIII
    Chapter 316.2065
    Section 7
    (7) Any person operating a bicycle shall keep at least one hand upon the handlebars.

    That is no longer a valid (2012) statute for single hand on handlebars.

  3. here me again with more info about this ciation?
    —–Ob asked: I read that an officer can’t write a citation; In florida bicycle laws enforcement guide_ report August 2010 (fla statue 2010) for “no hands on handlebar” is this truth?
    The incident date 2/21/2011. and spelled my name wrong, that should dismiis it, right?

    • The law (requirement to keep one hand on handlebars) was on the books in Feb. 2011. It was among provisions repealed by the 2012 Florida Legislature in CS/HB 7043, “An act relating to obsolete or outdated programs and requirements”, which took effect on July 1, 2012.

      • But not on fla bicycle laws enforcement guide. This year bicycle people sent
        1 thur the postal mail. The same cover title on it

  4. Until this year, riding with no hands on the handlebar was a violation for which a citation could be written. You will have to check with an attorney or with the traffic court to find out if it is valid now that the law has changed. The same is true about the incorrect spelling of your name.

  5. I would say, “no” on the dismissal… (In terms of your name)
    If they have your ID# or License#, they got you…

    If it was in February of LAST year, during that time, there WAS a law in place…
    If they wrote the incorrect citation, then you can beat it in court…
    If they wrote the correct citation, you still MIGHT beat it in court, IF you show them the CURRENT law and HOPE for the best…
    (What was the exact citation as written?)

  6. Jill,
    Apparently that provision was never in the LE Guide due to lack of space, so the fact that there is no mention of it now is to be expected.

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