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Herman asked:  While I know that this isn’t a bicycle question per se, I would like to know the legality of an individual skating (inline, or roller) in/on the street.  The research that I’ve done seems to be split.  With some sites saying it’s legal.  With one site referring to an outdated version of 316.2065 as to why it’s legal.  Also a friend of mine who is a commercial driver said that it was illegal.  Explaining that skating on public property, presumably in parks, and the sidewalk, legal.  But skating in/on the road, illegal.  So is skating in the street legal or illegal?


Actually, it is covered in the Bicycle Regulations.   It is not legal.  See:

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    • I accidentally tapped the send button with my thumb. Thank you for the information. The reason I asked, is when I’m ridding in the downtown area where I live most of the skaters I see restrict themselves to either the sidewalks or the parks, but twice a week I see a group of skaters who skate in the road.

      Not, only do I see ’em skating in the road, but I see ’em blocking not only the road, but intersections as well, holding up traffic.

      I realize that along with cycling, that skating is an excellent form of exercise and that because of that, police around the state are “willing to turn a blind eye.” But aren’t these skaters crossing the line?

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