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Ob asked:  How could we lower bicycle ticket cost or, Mr. Geo, could do that for us? The cost of bicycle is $95 and citation is $70 . Come on, need to lower the ticket cost.


The cost of a citation on a bicycle could be much greater than $70, depending on the violation.  The cost is determined by the statutes and court costs.

Get the statutes changed, or don’t violate the laws and you probably won’t get a ticket.

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  1. The amount of a traffic fine due to authorized surcharges and courts costs typically exceeds the basic penalty. For example, a violation of s. 316.2065 (“Bicycle regulations”) is “punishable as a pedestrian violation” and, per s. 318.18(1), the penalty for a pedestrian violation is $15. The total fine, which is usually listed on the County Clerk of Courts website (look for “pedestrian/bicycle violation” or similar term), can be four times as much. For a pedestrian violation in Orange County, it’s $62.50 ( ); in Palm Beach County, it’s $64.50 ( ); in Alachua County, it’s $52.50 ( ) and in Hillsborough County it’s $51.50 ( ).

  2. Sorry, but I just discovered this comment was held up in “pending” until now. Good info.

    It should be noted that a violation while riding a bicycle is not necessarily for s. 316.2065. For example, if it is a moving violation such as running a red light or stop sign, the penalties are more severe.

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