Stolen Bikes 2


Victoria asked:  My 22-year old son works in a restaurant.  He works different shifts, one night he was asked to work but he was not scheduled. That night, someone stole his bike, which was chained up.  My son did not file a police report because his manager told him that it is useless to file for a police report.  We are only here in Florida for more than a month and we are new to the laws.  My question is, since the bike was stolen on the business property, and my son was not scheduled to work, could he claim the loss from his employer?  What can my son do on his part?


You should report the loss to the police with all identifying information you have.  It is possible that they could recover it.

Whether your loss should be covered by the employer is a civil matter and not within the scope of this site.  You might ask the employer to file a claim with the insurance company, but any comment about legal responsibility would be legal advice, which also is not the subject of this site.  You may want to seek the counsel of an attorney.

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