Cell Phones While Biking


Pamela asked:  While riding the Pinellas Trail yesterday, a fellow biker told me that a new law had been passed at midnight that prohibited use of a cell phone while biking.  I’m all for it, but my riding partner, who talks on her blue tooth while we ride (and drives me crazy) said even if it was true, it wouldn’t include hands free phones.  Is there a new law, and if so does it include hands free devices?


There is no such state statute, but the county or municipality may have passed an ordinance about cell phone use while bicycling or while driving other vehicles.  You should check with your local police department or Sheriff’s Office.

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  1. Statutes prohibit bicyclists from using headphones, so a hands-free device is definitely prohibited even if cell phone use is allowed:

    “Headsets (see Section 316.304, F.S.)

    A bicyclist may not wear a headset, headphone, or other listening device other than a hearing aid when riding. Wearing a headset blocks out important audio clues needed to detect the presence of other traffic.”

    Possibly related is: “At least one hand must be kept on the handlebars while riding.”

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