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Jayne asked:  I was always under the impression that registering a bicycle was to help you find it if stolen (serial number would be on this registration), but not a requirement to ride one.  I was told recently that it was the law by a police officer in Daytona Beach that every bike has to be registered.  Children ride bikes and parents should know this rule if it is in fact a law.


There is no Florida statutory requirement to register or license bicycles.

It is not practical to try to display all the local ordinances at this site, and our intent is to discuss Florida bicycle laws.  As is possible, we will try to answer questions about local ordinances.

The City of Daytona Beach does have such a requirement.

City of Daytona Beach, Florida, Code of Ordinances

Sec. 94-281 – Required

No person shall operate or ride a bicycle upon the streets, sidewalks, alleys, or rights-of-way within the city without first obtaining a license as provided in this division.

Sec. 94-286 – Exceptions

This division shall not apply to bicycles currently licensed and/or registered in another city or state or to any bicycle operated in the city if the travel originates outside the city.

There are other sections in Chapter 94 of the code that describe the details of application, identification numbers and stickers required.

The details may be found at Daytona Codes.

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  1. It was interesting to read the local codes for Daytona, as I live in the general area. A specific point of value was that when travel originates from outside the city, a bike registration is not required. It’s discouraging to learn that one could have one’s bicycle confiscated for not having the registration. As a resident of the county, I’m happy to learn it does not apply to me.

    A strange portion of the local codes defines vehicles as… excluding bicycles. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing, in my opinion.

    • The problem is…
      Even though municipalities may have laws written in their ordinances pertaining to registering bicycles, I believe that the (computer) system that the County that the city resides in, may have removed that.

      Example: Here in Lake Worth there is an ordinance written stating that you need to register any bicycle used within the city ( there is no stipulation regarding where travel originates ).
      I went to talk with the person (West Palm Beach Sheriff) that is/was in charge of that for the town and he told me that the computer system no longer allows for inputting of bicycle registration.

      So even though it says you need to register it in the town ordinance, there is no physical way of doing it.
      (therefore you can’t register it and they need to either change the system back or remove that ordinance)

      The best suggestion I have for anyone is to actually go to both the local police station and county sheriff’s office and ask them directly.

      • Just ask them for the forms to register your “bicycle” and you’ll either get a form or (more likely) wierd/confused looks.

        (side note; there are at least 6 towns in Palm Beach county that require registration and every single one of them, when I called for the registration form, told me that there was no reg needed anymore)

        If anyone can find me a municipality that DOES allow for registration, I would like to know it.

  2. Daytona (beach) is also one of those “lucky” municipalities that also state that one can have a gas motor (under 50cc) added to it and keep it legally a bicycle.

    • in answer to this, your bicycle speed must be under 20 MPH when propelled. I have an electric scooter which only runs at 20 MPH or under and I was informed by the Police dept in Port Orange that I needed a license and registration.. I found out that Fed. Law over-rules State Law and I am not required to reg. nor need a license. It is concidered an Electric bicycle and NOT a moped. My electric scooter is made by Voltage Electric Vehicle corp. If you need help proving your elec. bike fits that description please see their website and click on ” LAW ” Hope this helps…. You do need a Bicycle reg. though….

  3. It’s odd that the ordinance does not exempt tourists or other non-residents. Their bicycle travel wouldn’t necessarily originate from outside the city. I wonder if the police would actually cite tourists who bring their bikes along for the trip…or five year olds.

  4. Apparently the bicycle riding laws don’t apply to bicycles, police, and all others. There is a corner on main street right next to Froggys Bar that no one 4 way stop. I was surprised to see police, sherriffs , 90 % of motor vehicles that don’t obey this aera. If I was a cop I COULD GET MY QUOTA FOR THE MONTH IN 1 day. I have seen Deputys , Daytona Police watch that corner get busted more than anyother other corner in Daytona. and nothing is done. Ever thow there is a sign on main street that says bicycle riding isn’t allowed on sidewalks if is done by all.

  5. I have a ate taotao 500watt electric assist scooter it goes 20mph on level ground and has operable pedals. f.s. consider these as bicycles are they legal for roads and does it have to be a constant pedaling. i live in pinellas county fl.

    • please read the post above from ” Jan ” you can go to the site I mentioned and print out what you need to keep with you when riding…. you can ride on side of rightside of road and, only on sidewalks when NOT using motor. And you do need a bicycle registration ! No license is needed It goes under a Federal Law ! I also have an elec. scooter… Note, it is NOT a Moped if propels under 20 miles an hr. Hope this helps. I was pulled over this past Thursday in Port Orange and handed a Florida Bicycle Law Enforcement Guide booklet and told my ride was a Moped. After searching the manufactures website I found info we need. My scooter is a Voltage 500GT that I purchased from Daytona Hawk. Enjoy your ride….

      • Jan,
        Forget about the federal law..
        Has absolutely nothing to do with Florida’s definition of a bicycle (electric) and it’s usage on Florida public roads.

      • sorry to disagree but ….Fed Law supersedes over ANY state law ! plz go to and click on LAW ! I was told by the Police Dept n DMV here that my scooter that was a Moped and needed to have be registered n I had to have a drivers license. but my scooter is only 500Watts n propels only 20 MPH .and also has pedles. Fed. Law says it is not, that it is an Electric bicycle Mopeds, elec. ones are over 750 Watts n propel 30 MPH and higher !

      • I have the papework to prove it….. If you go to that site I mentioned…. u can also print out the paperwork and keep it with you… as it states to.

  6. Nelson,

    The only Tao Tao ebike that’s able to be ridden in Florida (and only in the bicycle lane or in the road) is the ATE-501.
    Only because it has pedals…
    If you wish to ride it on the sidewalk, you would need to pedal it there..
    Otherwise, the road/bike lane is ok.
    Do you have the ATE-501 ?

    • Yes.
      One model, the ATE-501, is an electric bike.
      (NO registration or license needed)

      Most of the others (about 10 of them) in the Tao Tao line are mopeds.
      (Registration and License REQUIRED!)

      Except for 4 other models which are Motorcycles.
      (Title, Registration and a Motorcycle Endorsement REQUIRED!)

  7. Actually..
    Forget all of that…
    I’ve looked closely at all of their models’ specs..

    The ATE-501 is NOT a “legal” electric bicycle as its top speed is 22MPH which is above the maximum allowed for an electric bike to be considered a “bicycle”. It IS a MOPED, and requires it to be registered (they can send you an MCO when you go to get it registered) AND a license IS REQUIRED.

    Every OTHER model has a minimum capability of 35+ MPH, which classifies all those models to be Motorcycles and need… Title, Registration and a Motorcycle endorsement IS REQUIRED!

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